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  • Project Engineer – Dublin

    Role Summary:


    • A vacancy exists for a P5 Project Engineer within the Technical Services Department in reporting to the Engineer Project Manager.
    • You will be working within cross-functional teams with a high-level of autonomy; playing a key role in Schedule Preparation, Pre-Planning and Resource Forecasting along with Project Management of Opex and Capex Projects on site.
    • You will lead projects, taking the role of Engineering Team Leader, from project registration right through to validation/commissioning and hand over, as per Engineering SOP for ‘Project Management’ ensuring that projects are completed to specification, within budget and on programme.


    Core Duties and Responsibilities:


    • To liaise with the project requester and define exactly the project brief.
    • To liaise with customer department as well as other Business Unit departments and support departments as required such as EHS, Tech Services, and Logistics etc.
    • To attend regular planning meetings as required to ensure plant downtime is agreed.
    • To make justifiable decisions at all times which will not compromise quality, capacity, flexibility, operability, security or EHS compliance.
    • To immediately report to the Engineer Project Manager any deviations from the project plan which would have an impact on quality, specification, programme or cost .
    • To ensure that adequate training is provided to Production and Engineering personnel, and to assist in any way that is practical.
    • Chairing of design review meetings, site meetings, HAZOP’s, project meetings etc.
    • To ensure that Project are handled and managed using the ’team’ approach.
    • Ensuring that the Engineer in particular and the Department as a team are kept up to date in current engineering technology and work practices by attending, with approval, relevant seminars, exhibitions, training/educational courses and by reading engineering literature.
    • To follow up snags ensuring that the project is completed fully, before closing the Capital Account.
    • To communicate effectively within the Department Function and particularly with the customer.
    • Ensure that all procedures described in the Department SOP’s or WI’s and Guidelines are strictly adhered to.
    • To ensure that plant hand over, including the preparation of documentation packages is carried out in a controlled and punctual manner as per company procedures.
    • To plan, manage, co-ordinate and design the ’front-end’ design of the project whilst evaluating quality and value relative to practicalities.
    • Preparation of equipment specifications, budget estimates, scope documents, IA submittals, purchase requisitions, cost control data sheets, meeting minutes and circulation of same.
    • To prepare installation specifications as per Standard Procedures and to complete AWP’s for all work.
    • To oversee and control CAD services to ensure drawings are registered, prepared, checked, approved, circulated and controlled as per SOP for ’Registration and Control of Engineering Drawings’.
    • To act as safety lead in line with construction regulations 2013 and appoint PSDP and / or PSCS as required. Also, to ensure EHS risk assessment carried out and actioned prior to capital submittal.
    • To liaise with appointed external consultancy practices as directed, ensuring that the consultant operates to company procedures within a team framework.
    • To source, select, procure, inspect, approve and oversee installation of equipment, machines and systems.
    • To ensure that current regulations, standards and work practices are adhered to for all project work, i.e. FDA, HSA, HPRA, EPA, British Standards, USP, ETCI etc.
    • For engineers managing direct impact projects they must carry out the commissioning and qualification phases as per SOP_002492.
    • To liaise with QA Compliance ensuring that regulatory and validation issues have been addressed in an approved manner.
    • To follow up on qualification deviations.
    • To manage and control contractors working on site, ensuring that work practices comply with the relevant sections of the 2013 Construction regulations, company standards and cGMP.
    • To ensure decisions, work practices or use of certain contractors do not expose the company to the risk of an industrial dispute.
    • To ensure that training records are adequate and kept up to date.
    • Ensure that change control procedures are strictly adhered to.


    Minimum Qualifications and Experience:


    • 3rd Level Qualification in an Engineering discipline
    • For Engineers working on ‘Direct-Impact’ projects, they should have minimum 3 years pharma experience, and 5 years total experience.
    • For Engineers working on ‘Indirect – Impact’ projects, they should have minimum 5 years’ experience.
    • Sterile Processing experience – Bulk and Filling Operations.
    • Good understanding of sterility requirements/environmental monitoring requirements.
    • Grade A/B environment/exposure.
    • Good understanding of aseptic techniques and technology.
    • Cleaning Validation CIP/SIP (Stem in place).
    • Media batch experience/incubation.
    • Understandings of Autoclave technology.
    • Strong documentation skills.
    • Good Understanding of Regulatory requirements.
    • Audit Experience.


    To Apply:


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