Project: 2-8° Warehouse Expansion

Company: Confidential

Location: Ireland

Objectives: Provide extra storage and loading facilities

As part of their ongoing expansion to meet production activity storage requirements, our client identified a requirement to provide storage and loading facilities to house the following operations:
  • 550 Cold Pallet Warehouse racking spaces stored in a 2-8°C environment
  • C-Safe Room complete with Loading Dock stored in a 2-8°C environment
  • Engineering Stores (Level 1 & 2) complete with office
  • Operations Corridor complete with gown up and waste lobby
  • Pen Assembly Airlock
  • Expansion and reorientation of Warehouse B staging and Loading Dock area (Preparation Area).
  • Level 1 Freezer Room
  • Level 1 Store
  • Level 2 Office & Meeting Room

The building was divided into 2 floors:

  • Ground floor – Cold Pallet Warehouse, C-Safe Room, Engineering Stores, Operations corridor and waste removal, Drivers rest,preparation area, freezer room and store.
  • First floor – Meeting Room, Office, Plantroom & Engineering stores.
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